Teaching salaries in Colorado reflect the mid-range of the average salary in the United States. Surveys by the AFT in 2005 placed Colorado as 21st in the nation based on average salary for teachers. While this is not catastrophic, teacher salaries in Colorado are still well below those for other professions. Potential teachers should consider that certain areas of Colorado have a very high cost of living, a factor that is not always compensated for in teacher salaries. The state is struggling to find enough qualified teachers to fill positions, so many, especially those with higher degrees, may find the job market flush with opportunities. This education crisis has resulted in a high turnover rate for teachers, a factor which any potential applicant should consider, as a position may not turn out to be a long term job. Teachers should be aware that some districts in Colorado are trying out new certification programs in order to make up for the teacher shortage.

Average Teacher Salaries in Colorado

DCTA 2006-2007 Colorado Teaching Salary Schedule and reflect entry level salaries.

  • Average Teacher Salary (Bachelor’s Degree): $34,200
  • Average Teacher Salary (Master’s Degree): $34,701
  • Average Teacher Salary (PhD): $40,629

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