Teachers working in Florida can expect to make just below the middle range of average salaries. A survey done by the AFT in 2005 placed Floridaƫs teacher salaries at 29th in the nation with an average income of $40,498. The starting salaries of new teachers are a little better, ranking nationally at 22nd overall. There is no statewide standard minimum for teachers, and salary is set by individual schools and school districts within the state. Teachers should be aware that while salaries may be low, that the state has undergone some recent turmoil with educational funding and changing standards may prove to be a challenge for new teachers. As is the case with many states, teachers can see a noticeable jump in salary by pursuing a higher degree.

Average Teacher Salaries in Florida

Salaries are the 2006-2007 Florida Teaching salaries for Hendry Public Schools and reflect starting salaries.

  • Average Teacher Salary (Bachelor’s Degree): $32,850
  • Average Teacher Salary (Master’s Degree): $34,930
  • Average Teacher Salary (PhD): $37,840

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