New York

Certified teachers considering a career in New York will enjoy some of the highest salaries of teachers anywhere in the nation. A 2005 survey placed New York teacher salaries at 6th in the nation. This goes for both new teachers and those with considerably more experience. New York has been one of the few states where inflation has not outpaced the growth of teaching salaries. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the cost of living in New York, especially in metropolitan areas, can be quite high and may make a significant impact on how far even a large salary will go. In addition to high salaries, teachers in New York will enjoy free continuing education classes offered through the Office of Adult and Continuing Education.

Average Teacher Salaries in New York

Salaries are taken from the New York Department of Education Pay Scale and represent entry level pay.

  • Average Teacher Salary (Bachelor’s Degree): $42,512
  • Average Teacher Salary (Master’s Degree): $49,016
  • Average Teacher Salary (PhD): $53,521

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