Those working in Ohio will enjoy a healthy educational system as well as teaching salaries that are on the high end of the spectrum. Ohio is ranked as 13th in the nation for teacher salaries overall and 19th in the nation for new teacher salaries. As the cost of living in Ohio is fairly low, the combination of this and high salaries can make Ohio an attractive place for new and experienced teachers. Teachers working in Ohio will also enjoy some additional benefits. Teacher shortages have helped to create programs that provide teachers with free career training and compensation for higher education as incentives to work in the state. Additional education can be a asset for salary growth in Ohio, and those with the ability to get higher degrees may choose to do so to improve earning power.

Average Teacher Salaries in Ohio

Salaries are from the 2006-2007 Westerville City Schools and reflect entry level pay.

  • Average Teacher Salary (Bachelor’s Degree): $34,868
  • Average Teacher Salary (Master’s Degree): $38,076
  • Average Teacher Salary (PhD): $39,886

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