Vermont can offer teachers salaries that sit in the middle to upper range compared to the national average. Nationwide rankings put Vermont at 21st in the Nation based on average salaries of its teachers. While on average its salaries are quite high, new teachers can expect to make much less than their peers in other states, with Vermont√ęs salaries for inexperienced teachers weighing in at 46th in the nation. Salaries in Vermont have risen greatly over the past few years and much more than in many other surrounding states. This can be a great help to those struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living and inflation. Those who choose to pursue higher level degrees can expect to see big jumps in their pay in Vermont school districts.

Average Teacher Salaries in Vermont

Salaries are from the 2007-2008 Colchester School District and reflect entry level wages.

  • Average Teacher Salary (Bachelor’s Degree): $36,548
  • Average Teacher Salary (Master’s Degree): $41,509
  • Average Teacher Salary (PhD): $44,817

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