50 Must-Read Up and Coming Blogs by Teachers

Whether you’re new to the teaching field yourself or a seasoned veteran, you can find inspiration, advice and shared experiences by reading the blogs of other teachers. Both established bloggers and those new to the game like the bloggers listed here can offer some interesting and sometimes entertaining reading material for anyone involved in the education field. Check these new bloggers out the next time you’re looking for something educational to read.


These blogs cover a wide range of subjects from current events to ideas for lessons and instruction.

  1. View From Room 125: Share experiences both good and bad in teaching high school students through the posts of English teacher Art.
  2. The Joy of Learning: Those working in a Montessori school, and teachers in general, will get some helpful insights and ideas for teaching their own students on this blog.
  3. The Teaching Professor: This blog is dedicated to helping teachers become better at what they do by giving out tons of helpful advice.
  4. Quality Teaching: Get news and commentary on the big issues in education and teaching through the posts in this blog.
  5. Crux of the Matter: This blogger focuses on issues in the news about education, politics and disabilities in Canada and all over the world.
  6. Artichoke: This blog covers many issues related to education, teaching, technology and much more.
  7. Teaching and Learning Commons: The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching sponsors the content on this blog that can direct you to loads of useful resources for improving your teaching experience.
  8. Teachers Count: Read the thoughts and stories of teachers from all over the country in this multi-author blog.
  9. The Dream Teacher: This teacher shares her stories of dealing with poverty and trying to improve the lives of her students in this inspirational blog.
  10. Timely Teacher Talk: Blogger Betty discusses numerous issues related to education in her blog including technology, parental involvement, public schools and much more.
  11. Continuing Education: Read posts about technology, educational tools and much more in this teacher written and focused blog.
  12. Ranting Teacher: This teacher and published author shares stories about teaching, life and issues in the news.
  13. Teacher in a Strange Land: Nancy Flanagan, 30 year teaching veteran, share her thoughts on technology, the classroom, and issues in teaching in this blog.
  14. My First Year: Follow the trials of first year teachers in this helpful read for new teachers.
  15. Chalkdust101: Read posts on curriculum, teaching, leadership, learning and more on this blog.
  16. If Bees Are Few: This blog is concentrated on issues of teaching, classroom experience, learning and living in general.

Subject Specific

Secondary school teachers and others who are focused on one subject can find some interesting reading related to their work in these blogs.

  1. Math Notes: This blog follows the day to day life of a high school math teacher as she instructs students in subjects like statistics and algebra.
  2. Teaching College Math: Even if you don’t teach college level math you can benefit from the questions and information found in this blog.
  3. Music Teacher’s Blog: Music teachers looking for new and innovative ways to teach music to their students can find links to resources, advice and more in this blog.
  4. The Social Studies Teacher Blog: This blog can provide social studies teachers with sample lessons and ideas in subjects like economics and American history.
  5. The Teacher’s View: Blogger and teacher Paul gives his thoughts on literature and culture in this reading and English focused blog.
  6. It’s a Hardknock Teacher’s Life: This African-American teacher shares her experiences teaching Spanish to middle and high school students in the Northeast.
  7. Teaching Philosophy: Teachers or philosophers interested in working in the classroom will get some interesting ideas of lessons and materials to cover.
  8. Teacher Julie: Julie blogs about her experiences teaching special education in the Philippines as well as many other issues related to education.
  9. The Carrot Revolution: Art teachers can get some ideas of how to use new technology to create innovative and creative lessons for their courses.
  10. PE for Children: Physical education teachers can read up on the latest news in the field through the posts from this news centered blog.
  11. Shakespeare Teacher: Get some help learning to teach the bard and some Shakespeare related entertainment from this teacher written blog.
  12. Unwrapping the Gifted: Gifted students need special attention too, and you can get ideas for lessons and ways to better teach students in this Teacher Magazine blog.
  13. The Science Bench: Here you’ll find some great ideas on teaching science and technology related subjects to your students.


If you are teaching abroad, or have ever dreamed of doing it, these blogs can give you some fun and informative reading material.

  1. Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas: This elementary school teacher is working in the Middle East and shares experiences related to morning snacks, grading and dealing with cultural differences.
  2. Teaching in Ghana: This blog chronicles the trip of a couple who have taken a few years off to teach in college and high school classes in Ghana.
  3. Monsieur le Prof d’Anglais: Follow the day to day activities of this British teacher who chose to move to France to teach English.
  4. Beyond School: This teacher has traveled the world teaching everywhere from Tennessee to Korea. Read his thoughts and stories in this well-written blog.
  5. Teaching in Mexico: Interested in teaching English abroad? Get some insights on doing just that in this Mexico focused blog.


Top-notch teachers from some of the best online colleges can help you stay cutting edge in the classroom.

  1. 21st Century Learning: This teacher and blogger writes about how technology can and will impact teaching.
  2. One Crazy Teacher to Another: Here you’ll find posts that chronicle this teacher’s discover of new technology that makes his life easier.
  3. Teacher 2.0: This blog is designed to help teachers better learn to adapt online tools and new gadgets to the classroom environment.
  4. Lisa’s Online Teaching Blog: Read posts that cover topics like interactive programs, learning styles and online degree technology in this blog.
  5. TeacherTech Blog: Get the occasional tech tip in this blog, created to help teachers learn to better utilize technology.
  6. Encountering E-Learning Education: Teaching student Em discusses her experiences learning about new teaching technologies and gives her thoughts in this blog.
  7. Learning Technology Teacher Development: English teachers can get some helpful advice in ways they can use new technology from Second Life lessons to online dictation programs in this blog.
  8. Edumacation: Get some insight on how you can use technology in your teaching with some helpful advice from this first year English teacher.
  9. Remote Access: This blog can help you get a better understanding of how to implement technology like blogging in your classroom.
  10. Classhacks: Get small tips related to educational technology and ways you can implement in into your classroom through the posts and resources in this blog.
  11. Utilizing Blogs In the Classroom: Learn new ways to make blogs an effective learning tool with a little advice from posts and articles here.
  12. TechieTeacher: Teachers interested in using the latest online accredited degree technology in their classrooms can get some great ideas from this blog.
  13. Tips and Tools

    Find supplements to your lessons and helpful tips on teaching in these blogs.

    1. Teacher’s Book Bag: Find sample lesson plans and print outs in this blog.
    2. Teacher Features: Here you’ll find lots of tips on making bookmaking a part of your students’ curriculum.
    3. Teaching Tips Machine: Get some general tips and suggestions for getting more students to complete homework, manage classrooms better and be more effective.
    4. Successful Teaching: New teachers can get some ideas for successful classroom projects and strategies through this blog.
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