100 Excellent Advice Site for Homeschoolers

Taking the initiative to teach your child is a challenging, yet rewarding experience. With the nationwide legalization and growing popularity of homeschooling, there are thousands of online resources dedicated to helping you teach from home. These Web sites, blogs and educational forums will give you the necessary tools to teach kindergarten through twelfth grade students and make school fun for all.

Lesson Plans

Design your homeschooling curriculum around these lesson plans that are specified by grade, subject and age.

  1. Scholastic. Choose from a variety of fun and instructive lesson plans that you can search by grade or subject.
  2. The Lesson Plans Page. More than 3,500 free lesson plans are available for educators, including math worksheets and science experiments.
  3. OFCN’s Academy Curriculum Exchange. This site offers lesson plans for kindergarten through twelfth grade students.
  4. BrainPOP. From singing to scientists, all lessons are animated with cartoons and interactive videos.
  5. LessonPlanZ.com. New lesson plans are added weekly for all grades and subjects.
  6. Teachers.net. Get thousands of teacher-approved lesson plans for every grade level.
  7. The Educator’s Reference Desk. Find lesson plans that meet your specific search criteria.
  8. Let’s Homeschool. This site offers homeschool curriculums, resources and specific subject assignments that cater to homeschooler’s needs.
  9. teAchnology. Browse through more than 30,000 lesson plans and tips submitted by teachers.
  10. Education World. Shake things up with these creative lesson plans, such as 5-minute fillers, holiday lessons and news for kids.

Educational Resources

From online tutorials to electronic textbooks, these educational resources are easy to use and super convenient for homeschool students and teachers.

  1. Educator. From calculus to biology and everything in between, Educator provides video tutorials that cover numerous subjects.
  2. Free Home Education. Browse through the extensive list of free homeschool resources available on the Web.
  3. PinkMonkey.com. From state testing resources, online textbooks for numerous subjects to SAT prep tests, PinkMonkey has you covered with more than 450 free study resources.
  4. Algebra.com. Get free homework help and utilize online tutors to assist with pre-algebra, algebra I, algebra II and geometry lessons.
  5. iKnowthat.com. Designed for younger students, this interactive site provides a variety of tutorials and lessons that encourage more active learning and less memorizing.
  6. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence. Get federal-supported resources on a range of topics, including arts, music, U.S. history and science.
  7. Project Gutenberg. Recognized as "the first producer of free electronic books," Gutenberg has nearly 30,000 free ebooks to choose from.
  8. Ambleside Online. This site follows the curriculum of Charlotte Mason’s, which is focused on "high literary standards" and free texts.
  9. Math/Science Nucleus. Get an online science curriculum for elementary students on this non-profit educational site, founded by scientists, educators and community members.
  10. K-12 Free Homeschool. This kindergarten through twelfth grade schooling program also provides free homeschool resources, such as ebooks, a calendar with daily assignments and a public forum for parents to communicate.

Educational Software

Whether your homeschooler is learning a new language or needs help with math, educational software programs add variety to your lessons and can serve as a second teacher.

  1. The Homeschool Place. Choose from a variety of software programs for virtually every school subject.
  2. Rosetta Stone. The popular language-learning software enhances a foreign language curriculum with interactive tools and progress reports specially designed for homeschool use.
  3. Edu-Track Home School. Use this handy software to keep track of lesson plans, report cards, transcripts and more.
  4. Homeschool Tracker. Stay organized with this multi-use tracker that will make your homeschooling experience more efficient.
  5. ClickN Read. Listed as the "world’s most advanced phonics, reading and spelling programs," this software is guaranteed to teach your child to read or spell or you’ll get your money back.
  6. Smart Tutor. This program is designed to enhance math and reading skills for elementary-aged children.
  7. Free Homeschool Software. For a $7.50 shipping and handling rate, you can get free software programs like 2009 World Book Encyclopedia or the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.
  8. Alpha Omega. Get Christian homeschooling materials for all grades.
  9. Professor Toto. François Thibaut’s programs are noted as the "number one technique" to teach children foreign languages before they speak.
  10. Algebrator. This software will help you solve everything from pre-algebra to college algebra questions on screen.

Homeschool Supplies

Get used, new or hard-to-find homeschool supplies, teaching materials and classroom items on these discounted shopping and auction sites.

  1. DHSS. Shop this site’s discounted curriculum materials and school supplies.
  2. SmileMakers. SmileMakers, a division of Staples, has everything you need for your homeschool classroom: stickers, toys and teaching materials.
  3. Discount School Supply. From costumes, furniture to arts and crafts supplies, this online store has your homeschool needs covered.
  4. Timberdoodle Co. Shop discounted school supplies for grades Kindergarten through twelfth.
  5. HomeschoolingSupply. Find educational resources and specific supplies to fit your everyday homeschool needs without paying any sales tax.
  6. K-12 School Supplies. Shop teacher-created resources, Christian inspirational items and special needs lessons.
  7. Bibliofind. Linked with Amazon.com, this site searches and provides millions of rare, pre-owned and out-of-print books for purchase.
  8. Homeschool Bid. Use this homeschooler’s auction site to sell your old supplies, texts or furniture for brand new or used ones.
  9. Rainbow Resource Center. Shop more than 40,000 quality educational products for all grades, subjects and ages at discounted prices.
  10. The Dow’s Schoolroom. Get homeschool supplies, Bible class resources and educational toys on this school shopping site.


Organization is a-must for homeschoolers who want to keep the house separate from the school. Use these tips to organize, de-clutter and create a balanced environment in your own homeschool.

  1. The Home School Mom. Get the latest planners and tools to help you stay organized and keep track of your child’s assignments, as well as tips on how to keep your house clean and encourage your kids to pitch in.
  2. Handipoints. Use these printable worksheets to keep tabs on your child’s math skills, chore duties and study habits, and it’s also a good incentive for rewarding progress.
  3. Donna Young. From note-taking forms, lesson plan forms to custom calendars, this site has you covered for organizing paperwork and creating forms.
  4. Organized Home. This site is filled with motivational articles and organizing tips to help you cut the clutter and make room for your homeschooler.
  5. Homeschool-By-Design. Get information on how to maintain a clean, organized home and keep track of important documents, such as lesson plans and law-required records.
  6. Organizing Your Way. Learn how to achieve a balanced homeschooling atmosphere with these organization and time management tips.
  7. Homeschool Curriculum for Life. This homeschooler shares her cleaning and organization tips that are simple and doable in a day’s work.
  8. I’m an Organizing Junkie. From the school space, the kitchen to your kids’ toys, this organizer gives detailed and practical tips on keeping your house free of clutter.
  9. Homeschool Theater. From designating a work space to storing school supplies, this site will help you run your homeschool more efficiently.
  10. Ecletic Homeschool. Plan field trips, organize your calendar and get practice worksheets on this handy site that will save you time and money.


Being the parent and the teacher may require extra discipline for your child and you. Find ways to handle classroom and behavior problems while maintaining a productive learning atmosphere.

  1. Homeschool Curriculum and Support. Learn how to draw the line between home and school life and creating boundaries from parent to teacher with these helpful tips and exercises.
  2. Homeschool Classroom Discipline. This site provides practical ideas and plans for parents to enforce discipline and make their classroom run more efficiently.
  3. Lifestyle Homeschool. This homeschooler of four children shares her tips on obedience, classroom discipline and other intrapersonal skills.
  4. Homeschool Discipline. Find helpful articles on how to handle stubbornness, how to establish homeschool rules and how to solve discipline problems while initiating learning.
  5. EduGuide. See how discipline is enforced in public schools and how you can use the same tactics for homeschooling.
  6. Back to School. Get tips on disciplining at home, as well as maintaining control as the teacher and parent during homeschool.
  7. Homeschooling Fun. This mother of six shares her views and advice on disciplining children in homeschool.
  8. Christian-Parent.com. This site focuses on Christian family values and gives advice on how to discipline young children and teenagers.
  9. Homeschool Magazine. Read articles on disciplining kids and how you, the parent and teacher, can practice self-discipline at home.
  10. Love to Learn. Get information and tips on discipline and other behavioral problems.

Homeschooler Blogs

These homeschooling moms and dads offer advice, resources and tips on teaching kids from home, as well as share their own personal experiences, beliefs and gripes.

  1. Relaxed Homeschooler. Read what this mother of seven has to say about homeschooling and how she teaches in a relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Notes From a Homeschooling Mom. This mother posts news articles about education and shares her thoughts on homeschooling and parenting.
  3. Chez Smiffy. Get tips on how to write your own homeschool curriculum and here why this mom doesn’t segregate one room for teaching.
  4. Guilt-Free Homeschooling. This 11-year veteran of homeschooling shares her experiences and offers general advice and encouragement to other homeschoolers.
  5. Principled Discovery. Read intriguing articles about the challenges and rewards of homeschooling from this mother and teacher.
  6. Higher Up and Further In. This homeschooler shares important lessons such as how to teach children to read, how to teach spelling and when to start practicing poetry.
  7. Little Blue School. This mom takes a different approach to homeschool blogging with a range of posts like how to teach a child to write a novel and her views on HSLDA.
  8. Eclectic Education. Get up-to-date advice on books, lessons and other resources from this homeschooling mother of two.
  9. PHAT Mommy.This tech-savvy mother communicates about homeschooling and motherhood with her blog, Twitter, Facebook and others.
  10. Why Homeschool. This blog explores homeschooling topics concerning education and family issues, as well as offer first-hand accounts of teaching from the four authors.

Homeschool Student Blogs

These tech-savvy homeschool students share stories of homeschooling, family and their daily activities, as well as post pictures, artwork and essays.

  1. HomeSchoolBlogger. This online community is open to students and their families to discuss education and share pictures and stories with other fellow homeschoolers.
  2. Stampede Homeschool. Get up-to-date news and reviews on homeschooling and find lessons from other students and teachers.
  3. Simply Vintagegirl. This homeschooled student shares stories of her experiences at home and discusses religion, photography and family.
  4. Painter of Words. Read book reviews, homeschool lessons and religious discussions on this young homeschooler’s blog.
  5. Seven Sisters. These seven homeschooled sisters write about cooking, God and living on the farm.
  6. Aspiring Homemaker. This stay-at-home daughter and homeschool graduate blogs about life and work at home.
  7. The Daily Planet. Here what this homeschool college student has to say about education, faith and friends.
  8. Empowered Traditionalist. Christa Taylor, a modest clothing designer, writes about homeschool, youth and femininity.
  9. Clickety-Clack. Without a formal education, this avid writer shares her thoughts on life, books and God.
  10. A Pondering Heart. This 18-year-old homeschool student blogs about her daily life, stories from the homestead and is outspoken about religion and social issues.

Homeschool Laws

Before you start teaching, make sure you are up-to-date on your state’s homeschool laws and regulations.

  1. Home School Legal Defense Association. Find your state’s legal options for homeschooling, as well as news, resources and legislation information.
  2. Homeschool Laws & Legalities. Get the ins and the outs on homeschool laws and legal assistance to help you better understand the laws of your state and how to comply to them.
  3. Home Education Magazine. Learn how to start and run a homeschool support group and how you can stay informed on homeschool laws and regulations.
  4. National Conference of State Legislatures. Get an overview on compulsory education laws.
  5. Homeschool World. Child immunization laws are discussed here, as well as which states allow parental choice exemptions.
  6. Homeschooling Your Child. Get the latest news and information on homeschool laws and regulations.
  7. Successful Homeschooling. This homeschooler has put together a list of homeschooling requirements, a summary on the history of homeschool laws and information on homeschool testing.
  8. The Home School Foundation. Get information on homeschool funding, scholarships and aid for needy families in the homeschool community.
  9. National Center for Home Education. This site focuses on federal legislation, federal relations and has opinionated articles.
  10. Homeschooling State Regulations. Get detailed information and explanations on state regulations and rules.

Sports and Activities

Just because your child is homeschooled doesn’t mean they can’t have extracurricular activities. These sites will help you find local homeschool sports leagues, plan new activities and create fun games for your child to play at home or outdoors.

  1. Homeschool Sports Network. Get information on local homeschool sports leagues in your area and follow your favorite team’s stats.
  2. Homeschool Football. This is a community forum to share information, comments and strategies for homeschool football programs.
  3. National Homeschool Volleyball Tournament. Get information on upcoming volleyball tournaments and see how your homeschooled child can play
  4. NCAA. The National Collegiate Athletic Association provides eligibility information for homeschooled athletes interested in playing college sports.
  5. The Field Trip Lady. This article is filled with field trip ideas and unique places to visit.
  6. Homeschool Diner. Search through tons of fun and educational games, puzzles and hands-on activities that your kids will enjoy.
  7. SchoolExpress. Get thousands of free activities online, such as jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku games and journal writing assignments.
  8. Craftster. Find kid craft projects, share ideas and discuss art with fellow crafters in the public forum.
  9. The Incredible Art Department. Let your homeschooler find his or her inner-artist with these art lesson plans and activities.
  10. Homeschool Music Association. Find local bands, choruses, orchestras and other homeschool music groups in your area.
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