Elementary Teacher

Elementary school teachers have the opportunity to work with and teach students from their beginnings in kindergarten up to fifth or six grade, depending on the school district. Those choosing to work as elementary school teachers will be responsible for a variety of in-class issues and will need to interact regularly with students, teachers and parents to ensure a high quality educational experience.

What and how elementary school teachers will be required to teach may vary widely by grade and school district. In general, elementary teachers will be responsible for preparing and delivering age-appropriate lessons, giving and grading tests and homework, working with children individually and as a class and maintaining an orderly and functional classroom environment. Additional tasks can include meeting with parents to discuss their child’s progress and working with parents and other staff members to track and assist children in making progress. Some teachers may choose to take on other responsibilities like after school tutoring and many will enjoy the privilege of taking children on fun and educational field trips.

Nearly all elementary teaching positions will require applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree. It does not always have to be in a teaching related field, but many will find that they have to complete additional teaching certification to work as an educator if they do not have a bachelor’s degree in education. Most schools will prefer applicants that have a solid background in education or child development and a master’s degree is a great asset for those who would like to be especially competitive. Those who want to work as teachers must often also complete a set amount of student teaching or supervised teaching hours. All schools, public or private, will require teachers to obtain a teaching license, given out by state boards, which usually needs to be renewed on a yearly basis.

Those hoping to enter the field of elementary education will be best served by developing a number of skills and cultivating certain personality traits. Teaching young children requires patience and teachers must learn to deal with children from all backgrounds in a kind and unbiased manner. Good communication skills are essential as teachers will be working with parents, children and administrators on a regular basis. Organization, passion for the job, decisiveness, fairness, and a commitment to being hard working are also traits that are particularly well suited for this career.

Salaries for those entering careers as elementary teachers can vary widely. Factors that influence how much teachers will be offered include their level of education and experience, geographic location and the type of school. Opportunities for this particular specialty are currently quite numerous and are expected to grow in the future, making a career in elementary education a fairly safe bet for job prospects.

Those who love to work with young children, have a good amount of patience and a true passion for teaching will find a career as a elementary school teacher the most rewarding and worth all the hard work one must put into it.

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