Library/Media/Tech Teacher

For those who love working with technology, sharing media, keeping materials organized and teaching students, a job as a library/media tech teacher can be a way to get the best of both the teaching world and the library science world. Those specializing in this field will be able to use technology and library resources to enrich the curriculum of students from all grade levels.

Many jobs that focus on educational technology will require applicants to have more than a standard bachelor’s degree. An increasing number want these specialists to have a Master’s in a related field such as library science. It can also be advantageous when pursuing this career path to get a firm grasp of a variety of technological devices that are used to manage library materials and deliver educational content to students. Most positions in this field will also require teaching certification, which is an important factor to consider when preparing for this career during college. Additional coursework in child development and lesson planning can also be a great help.

The duties of a library/ media tech teacher are varied. They must be able to look at the curricula for a wide range of grade levels and find ways that technology can be used to aid in the learning process. These teachers must also be able to adapt to using new technology and be able to teach both students and other teachers to use it as well. They must be able to work with students from a wide range of backgrounds, including those with disabilities, so that all students have equal and unbiased access to the school’s educational resources. Library/media tech teachers must also be good leaders and communicators, as they must work with teachers, administrators and students to create goals and to seek out and implement new technologies. They must also be able to effectively manage a budget for new resources and technology.

The most successful library/media tech teachers will be those who are passionate about their work and who have a true desire to discover and share new resources and ways to learn. They must be well organized and have a good deal of patience to work with a diverse group of students and teachers, some of whom may not understand or be able to immediately grasp new technologies. Those wishing to pursue this career should work on their communication skills, as these form an essential part of the job, both when working with teachers and with other staff members.

With technology becoming an ever more present part of the educational experience, job opportunities for library/media tech teachers are growing all over the nation at elementary and secondary education schools. Salaries for the position will vary depending on the geographic location of the school and the level of experience of the applicant. Those who want to combine a variety of interests in the field of education, including teaching, resource management, and implementing new technology should consider this career.

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