Resources: 25 Useful Forums and Blogs for New Teachers

Whether you’re having a tough time with your students or want to share your successes in the classroom, talking with other teachers can be a great help, both personally and professionally. Through the easy accessibility of the Internet, teachers can get together in forums and blogs to collaborate, share information or just talk about their experiences. If you’re new to teaching, here are a few forums and blogs that can help you learn more about the ins and outs of teaching from other teachers and educational professionals.


Chat with your fellow professionals on these helpful sites.

  1. A to Z Teacher Stuff: In addition to the other educational resources this site provides, teachers can take advantage of a forum to discuss issues like behavior management, substitute teaching and grade specific lessons.
  2. The Teacher’s Corner: Share inspirational stories, discuss primary and secondary education, learn about educational technology and more on this active teaching forum.
  3. Teacher Focus: Both new and experienced teachers will find discussions that can be to their benefit on this forum and chat site ranging from grade specific to subject related.
  4. Teach-Nology: Ask questions, read posts and get advice for new teachers on core subjects and even on pen pals through this technology oriented forum.
  5. Homeroom Teacher Forum: Teachers from elementary to high school can come here to talk about teaching related issues or just about anything else.
  6. Teacher Talk: This forum provides K-12 teachers with a chance to share ideas on lesson plans, discuss classroom management, and create a supportive community.
  7. The Education Forum: No matter what type of teacher you are, from music to Chinese, you’ll find discussions and helpful advice here.
  8. Chatboard: Teachers can discuss everything from the classroom to their personal lives on this chatboard.
  9. The Teacher’s Forum: This forum has discussion boards for elementary, secondary, and college teachers as well as places to discuss all subjects from PE to social studies.
  10. Great Teacher: Communicate with teachers from all over the world on this helpful discussion board. For more interactive discussions, users can also check out the chatroom.


Read up on issues related to teaching, personal experiences and more on these blogs.

  1. EduWonk: Stay up to date on the latest news in education and get some commentary from a fellow education professional to go along with it in this informative blog.
  2. History is Elementary: History teachers will enjoy the information on this blog, which deals with hundreds of historical issues and lessons that history teachers can use.
  3. Education Policy Blog: Multiple bloggers contribute to this site which discusses the current state of education. It can help you learn more about the politics and policies behind what you’re teaching.
  4. Shrewdness of Apes: Read about the experiences of this midwestern teacher in her blog. Posts include discussions of recent news, trivia and personal commentary.
  5. Bud the Teacher: Teacher Bud Hunt specializes in technology education at St. Vrain Valley School District in Colorado. His blog shares his thoughts and experiences as a teacher.
  6. Today’s Homework: Share in the experiences, both good and bad, in the public school classroom through the posts in this blog.
  7. Kathy Schrock’s Kaffeeklatsch: Teachers who would like to learn more about educational technology need look no further than this blog, which is full of ideas and applications that can help your students to learn and keep you better organized.
  8. From the Trenches of Public Ed: Keep up with all kinds of issues in public education with news and commentary on this blog from author Dennis Fermoyle.
  9. A Passion for Teaching and Opinions: This blog covers the experiences of an experienced government and economics teacher from dealing with budget issues to planning fun and informative field trips.
  10. The Daily Grind: Inspired teacher Mr. McNamar from Connecticut shares his thoughts in this humorous and insightful blog.
  11. Edublog Insights: Here you’ll find posts that discuss a variety of technology and educational issues in this instructional technology focused blog.
  12. Rate Your Students: Need to vent about some particularly difficult issues in your classroom? Want to share in the miserable experiences of others? You can do both on this blog, dedicated to showcasing the more difficult aspects of teaching.
  13. Adventures in Teaching: Your first years of teaching will more than likely be a daily adventure and you’ll be able to relate to the experiences of this English professor.
  14. Borderland: Blogger Doug discusses his experience teaching in the less than normal classroom in Alaska.
  15. Teaching Generation Z: Get some ideas on how to engage your students with some help from this forward thinking blog.

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