Resources: 25 Useful Lesson Plan Links

For new teachers, designing curriculum for classes can be a challenge, as they don’t have the experience of veteran teachers to go on when creating new lessons. New teachers don’t have to go it alone, however. There are plenty of resources on the Internet that are designed to cater to the needs of teachers just entering their first years of teaching, as well as those with years of experience. Here are 25 great resources to check out to help you create interesting and effective lesson plans.

  1. Columbia Education Center Lesson Plans: This site is full of lesson plans created by teachers for their own classrooms that you can repurpose and use as part of your plans as well.
  2. The Teacher‘s Corner: Here you‘ll find lesson plans on topics that range from social studies to arts and crafts as well as printable worksheets, bulletin boards, recommended books and more.
  3. Teacher Vision: Whether you teach high school, middle school or elementary classes, you‘ll find helpful lesson plans on this site as well as advice on classroom management and fun activities.
  4. Thirteen Ed: This New York based site has numerous resources for all kinds of lessons including science, math, technology, art and more.
  5. Reach Every Child: Horace Mann and teacher Alan Haskvitz have compiled this collection of resources for teachers. Get a little assistance in approaching math, science and language arts from another way.
  6. Scholastic for Teachers: This leading educational publisher provides teachers with a number of resources, including some sample lesson plans that can help get them on the right track to better teaching students.
  7. Educational Resources and Lesson Plans: Professor Edmond Sass has created a list of thousands of lesson plan resources that can fit the needs of any teacher, from those working with special education students to those working to boost self-esteem.
  8. Busy Teachers’ Website:Get a long list of educational resources and lesson plans on this site. You’ll not only find links to lesson plans on just about every subject, but tips on relevant museum exhibits and projects as well.
  9. The Educator’s Reference Desk:This site contains a huge archive of lesson plans that you can search by subject, keywords or grade level.
  10. Here, teachers can find over 4000 different lesson plans that have been created and submitted by other teachers for a variety of grade levels and subjects.
  11. Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators: Discovery Channel has an educationally focused site and among many other resources, teachers will find sample lesson plans and ideas to make technology-focused learning more fun and easier for students.
  12. Access Excellence: Biology and life sciences teachers can get some ideas for great lessons on this site on topics like DNA, radioactivity, the circulatory system and more.
  13. Microsoft Lesson Plans: Tech giant Microsoft gives back to the community through educational programs like this one that helps teachers. Here you‘ll get ideas for lessons on geography, history, technology and much more.
  14. Sites for Teachers:Whether you’re looking for an entire lesson plan, educational resources, or just some worksheets to print out, you‘ll find what you need on this comprehensive listing site.
  15. Pro Teacher Directory: Get some examples of lesson plans and class schedules as well as advice on writing effective lesson plans. You’ll also find common mistakes to avoid as well as guidance in creating lessons.
  16. Adprima: Here you‘ll find not only access to sample lesson plans but a little advice and guidance on how you can best go about writing your own lesson plans.
  17. Lesson Plans Page: Sponsored by Hot Chalk, this site contains over 3,500 different lesson plans. Teachers will also find help and advice from fellow teachers through articles and forums on the site.
  18. Read Write Think: English teachers can get some helpful lesson advice from this site, geared towards improving reading and language arts education.
  19. Lesson Plan Search: Search through a huge archive of lesson plans for help on a particular subject or grade level.
  20. Teachnology: Teachers can take advantage of over 28,000 lesson plans on this site as well as printable worksheets, teaching tips and more.
  21. Lesson Tutor: Get reproducible lesson plans, worksheets and some helpful advice from this instructional site for home schooling parents and teachers.
  22. Curriculum Archive: Find advice from other teachers, lesson plans, and classroom ideas on this searchable site.
  23. Technology Lesson Plans: With technology becoming an ever growing part of education, why not give your lessons a head start with some help from this site?
  24. Thinkfinity: Teachers can take advantage of the lesson plans as well as loads of other educational resources and tools found on this site.
  25. Xpeditions: National Geographic gives teachers some ideas of lessons on this site, which focuses on the earth sciences and biology.

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