Bachelors in Education Degree Programs

Bachelor’s degree programs in education are designed for students who want to pursue a career in an educational field, whether it be teaching classes or administration. Many students will choose to pursue a specialty that will prepare them to teach a particular type of course or grade level and will find careers in education to be rewarding and worthy of the time and effort it took to get there.

Most education programs will focus on ensuring that students are well prepared to work with students, no matter what specialty they choose. Courses will provide a firm foundation in the principles of education and teaching techniques. This will help students get the skills they need to run a classroom on their own. Most students will choose a specialty as well, and will be required to take a set amount of courses in order to be considered qualified to teach that subject. All graduates of an education program can also expect to undergo a student teaching program as well, where they will work in the classroom under the supervision of another teacher. After the program is completed, students wanting to teach must get licensure from the state they plan to work in so that they are able to teach.

Those wishing to apply to a bachelors program in education should have graduated from high school or have obtained their GED. Each college will have their own requirements for what will need to be admitted, and these requirements often include submitting grades and a personal statement or essay. Prospective students should also consider their own abilities and traits when applying for an education program. Being good with kids, whether younger or older, is a strong advantage, as is patience, organization and great communication skills. Those who feel they are weak in these areas may want to take courses or volunteer to build skills that will help them in the program and in their subsequent careers.

A Bachelors degree in Education is primarily designed to prepare students for careers as teachers but within this field there are a number of options. Graduates of education programs can work in both public and private schools, teaching children from a wide variety of grade levels and subjects or even offer private tutoring sessions. Career options expand further if students choose to go beyond the Bachelor’s degree and get a Master’s or PhD in the field, with principal, administrative or professor jobs becoming a possibility.

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