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Those with an affinity for working with young children can be well served by getting a degree in early childhood education. This degree focuses on helping students learn about the development of young children and how to create learning programs and curriculum that will engage them and help them to grow and learn in a healthy, supportive environment. Students will work with children up to about eight years of age, and many will find the program rewarding when they can help young children to learn and succeed.

Early childhood education programs will require students to take a number of classes in the basics of educational practice and theory. This means completing coursework in teaching, classroom management, curriculum and other similar subjects. In addition to these types of courses, students will also need to take classes that will help them to better work with young children. This will likely include work on the development, learning and behavior of children. Like any teaching degree, students will need to complete the requirements necessary to become certified and licensed in their state. This will usually mean completing set coursework and possibly months of student teaching and observation.

What students will be required to have before entering an early childhood education program depends largely on what degree level they plan on pursuing. Those wanting to enter an associates or bachelors program will only need to have a high school diploma or GED, while those pursing a masters or doctoral degree in the field will need significantly more. Perhaps the biggest non-academic requirement for those hoping to enter this field is that they must, above all else, truly enjoy working with young children. Sometimes this will mean having a large amount of patience or being able to understand and talk to children on a level that they can understand.

A degree in early childhood education opens up many career options for graduates. Jobs at daycare facilities and preschools are open to those who would like to work with especially young children and help prepare them for school. Students may also choose to pursue a career working with children in kindergarten or the lower elementary grades as a teacher or a teacher’s assistant. Students who go on to earn masters degrees or PhDs in the field may be able to work as administrators in elementary schools as well.

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