Educational Leadership Degree Programs

Those interested in pursuing a career in education administration may want to consider a degree program in educational leadership. Educational leadership focuses on teaching education students how to deal with the complex and demanding school environment, where administrators must balance finances, student achievement and state and federal requirements. Students who choose this degree path will be preparing themselves to work effectively in a large variety of educational environments, from elementary schools to adult education programs.

Educational leadership programs will challenge students with coursework that covers issues not only related to education, but to management as well. Students can expect to take courses that deal with the many facets required to be effective leaders in a school setting, including instruction and curriculum, cultural awareness, human resources, management, finance, and strategic planning. Generally, students working in an educational leadership program will need to get state certification and licensure in order to work in their field and find employment, which may mean spending time student teaching or observing classrooms.

Most, if not all, educational leadership programs exist at the masters level and above. This means that students will need to have completed their bachelors degree in order to apply. Generally students will have completed their undergraduate work in a related field, though exceptions may be made for those who are particularly qualified. Some schools may also wish for students to have at least a year of professional teaching experience before enrolling in the program, though this is not always the case. Those interested in this field should help cultivate their organizational skills and work on learning to communicate both in writing and orally with a wide variety of people, as this will be a major part of any post graduate employment.

Those who graduate with a degree in educational leadership can expect to have a variety of career options open to them. Some graduates will find work in jobs as school principals while others will work as department administrators, overseeing the daily operations of their school or facility. Higher level jobs in administration are available to graduates as well, who may find that after some experience they are qualified for district administration positions. College level jobs can also be a possibility, with graduates working as department chairs or admissions directors. If none of these interest you, careers in corporate or adult education programs may be available as well.

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