Elementary Education Degree Programs

If you’re you’d like to enter a facet of education that allows you to work with young children, then elementary education is a great choice. Teachers in this field work with students from kindergarten to fifth or sixth grade. Graduates of these kinds of programs will teach a variety of subjects to students of a particular grade level to ensure they learn and develop the skills they’ll need to advance.

Academic programs for elementary education provide students with a firm foundation in the basics of teaching, classroom management, curriculum development and other educational issues. At some schools, an area of specialization is offered or required, but this is not always the case. Students will be expected to take courses in all the major areas they must teach children, like language arts, math, science, reading and social studies to ensure they have the skill necessary to pass on knowledge to children in their courses. In addition to their coursework, elementary education programs will require students to complete a student teaching program that can last anywhere from one semester to a year. Students will also need to ensure they complete the requirements in order to become a certified and licensed teacher in their state.

Students entering an elementary education program will need a high school diploma or GED to work towards a bachelors degree in the field and will have needed to complete an undergraduate degree in order to apply to a masters level program. Because teachers in this field will be working with younger children, those who are good with children will have the easiest time. Developing communication skills should be a goal for all students looking to work and study in this field as teachers must instruct and manage students, talk with parents and work with fellow educational professionals.

Those graduating from elementary education programs will have earned the certification that will allow them to work as teachers. Graduates may choose from a variety of grade levels to specialize in and will have the skills necessary to work in both public and private educational institutions. Students hoping to pursue careers other than teaching may be well served by continuing their education through the Masters and PhD level, which may prepare them to work in a more diverse range of professions.

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