Health Education Degree Programs

Health education majors are preparing themselves for work not only within schools but within health programs for the larger community as well. The major can be combined with courses from a variety of other majors to allow students to follow a career path that they choose. Health education focuses on teaching students about the biological issues involved in health as well as helping them learn to teach and communicate with others about these health issues.

Students of health education will often find that programs encourage them to combine their health education programs with courses in physical education, teaching or athletic training. Students can create their own combination of study to ensure they are working towards a degree that best suits their goals. Most programs will require that students take classes in subjects like biology, communication and education to ensure that students are getting a well rounded and comprehensive look at the field. Some schools will offer students the choice of gearing their studies towards teaching in a school or teaching to the community.

Health education programs are available at both the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels, and students will be required to have completed their high school diploma or GED or an undergraduate degree if applying to a higher level degree program. Health educators must often discuss topics that many people find embarrassing, so those hoping to pursue this field must have strong communication skills and be able to effectively communicate with and answer questions from those with whom they are working. Students who want to pursue a degree in this subject will need to be motivated and enjoy working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Graduates of health education programs may find future employment as health and wellness teachers in secondary schools. There are, of course, a variety of other careers available to health education majors. Working in the local community, graduates of this program may work on helping to educate adults, teens and children about drugs, sexuality, stress, and consumer health issues. Careers may also be available in a health care setting, allowing graduates to work educating patients, promoting good health, and a variety of other specializations.

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