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If the idea of working at a college or university appeals to you, consider a degree program in higher education. Those working with higher education degrees gain the skills they need to develop curricula, manage staff and work within a budget. Many graduates will enjoy rewarding careers working at both public and private universities across the nation.

Degree programs in higher education are often geared towards preparing students to work as administrators and managers in the educational setting. As such, students can expect to learn about educational topics like curriculum development and classroom management. You’ll also take leadership and management courses that will prepare you to work with staff and students alike. Those who hope to enter the field in a teaching capacity must take the courses and meet the requirements to get their certification in teaching. This can often mean doing student teaching or taking several required courses.

Nearly all higher education degree programs are at the master’s or doctoral level. Because of this, students will need to have completed their bachelors degrees or be on their way to completing them before applying. There may be additional requirements that students much complete before they will be accepted, but these will vary by college. Those hoping to get started working in this field will need to have organizational skills and be able to communicate effectively. Students will also need to be dedicated to their work and be able to work with the latest technology.

Graduates of higher education programs will have several career options open to them. Many will go on to become deans and to hold administrative positions in high schools and colleges. Others will choose a different route and use their degrees to teach. Depending on the degree level of the graduate, teaching positions may be available in adult education programs, colleges or universities. No matter what students choose to use their degrees for, they will have the opportunity for rewarding work in education.

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