Masters in Teaching Degree Programs

A Master’s degree in Teaching can be a great way for those in education field to advance or to add additional skills and abilities to their teaching practices. A master’s degree program in teaching will help give students a better understanding of their particular field and prepare them for work in the classroom or in an administrative capacity. In an increasingly competitive job market, having a Masters degree can be a great way for teachers to set themselves apart.

A majority of Master’s programs in teaching are geared towards getting students licensed and certified to teach in their particular state. As such, courses will focus on building the skills and foundation students will need to be prepared to work in the classroom, from teaching them curriculum planning skills to helping them learn to manage students effectively. Many students will be focusing on a particular specialty during their studies that can include fields like special education, secondary education or elementary education and they will be required to take a minimum of courses in this subject. Most programs also require that students do a certain amount of observations and student teaching hours to ensure they are ready to take on the classroom environment on their own.

In order to be eligible to apply for a Masters program in Teaching, students will need to have already completed or be close to completing their undergraduate degrees. Undergraduate studies do not necessarily have to be in a teaching or education field, as often students from a variety of backgrounds later choose to pursue a teaching career. Students enrolling in a Master’s program for teaching should enjoy working with children or young adults and have excellent communication skills, as these will be called upon often during their education and professional careers.

Many students go into Master’s programs for teaching with the intention of being a teacher upon graduation at the K-12 level, and many programs will ensure that they are well qualified for this career. Graduates of the program will be able to teach students at whichever grade level or subject they’ve specialized in, and many will have the skills to teach multiple grades or specialties. Maste’rs degrees in teaching, however, give students some additional career options. They may want to pursue administrative careers, such as a school principal, or to continue their education for a PhD in order to teach college level students.

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