Media & Library Technology Degree Programs

Embrace the cutting edge of technology in education with a degree in library and media technology. Library and media technology majors work to implement new technology systems into school curriculum, train faculty and students how to use them, and research how people use and interact with library systems. It can be a great way for those who don’t want to go into teaching to embrace an educational career.

Programs of study for library and media technology will cover a variety of issues. Students will take courses that explore cataloging resources, library information architecture, curriculum design, programming, general library science and a range of technology focused courses. Students will need to gain the skills to work well in the library environment and also to show others in the school how to use these systems and technologies. Some degree programs in library and media technology will require that students get teaching certification as well, which can come with its own list of requirements that students must complete before graduation.

Library and media technology is a program that is offered at a range of degree levels from Bachelor’s to doctoral. Many students entering a program will be getting their Master’s degrees, however, and will need to have completed an undergraduate degree in order to apply. Those just starting out in undergraduate programs will only need to have completed high school or a GED. Students who will excel the most in this program will have a thirst for knowledge, enjoy working with technology and who are able to easily communicate with both students and colleagues about new ideas and technologies.

After graduation, students will be able to look for employment in a variety of teaching and library related fields. Many professional decide to work as librarians in schools, communities and universities. Others work to teach students and staff members at schools about the technology that is available to them to use for educational and research purposes. Library and media technology is an ever expanding field and graduates of this program may have many options available to them.

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