PhD in Education Degree Programs

Professionals interested in taking their careers to the next level may want to consider pursuing a PhD in education. As the highest degree level, students will be challenged in their courses and will get the chance to pursue research and hands on experience in their fields. A majority of the students entering PhD programs in education will be currently working professionals in the field, and as such, many programs will be designed with that in mind.

Getting a PhD in any subject can mean a lot of hard work and effort, and education is no exception. Students will be expected to pursue research projects, take courses, and work with other students and professors to discuss issues and analyze materials. Many programs will be self-directed, and students will be expected to do a large part of their work independently. Students can expect to take a variety of intensive courses, engage in independent studies, attend seminars, and work in internships related to their career path and personal goals. Additionally, a number of specializations of study will be available to help students tailor their degrees to their personal interests. In order to graduate, most programs will require students to present a large research project or thesis for approval by faculty members working with the students.

To be admitted to a PhD program in Education, students will need to have completed a bachelor’s degree and in general, will need to have earned at master’s degree in a related subject. Some programs will require that students have some experience teaching or working in the field to qualify for admittance. Those wishing to pursue their doctorates in education will need to be good independent workers and be driven to complete their own research and study, even when little outside guidance is available.

A PhD in education can help prepare you for a variety of careers. Some who graduate will want to continue teaching, and will be able to do so at virtually any level, even in college. Graduates of PhD programs in education will also be able to pursue careers in educational administration and some may end up being school principals, deans and superintendents. Students may also find work in designing educational materials or curriculum for companies or school districts.

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