Reading and Literacy Education

Make a difference in your community and in the lives of many by majoring in reading and literacy education. Graduates of these programs work to design and run reading programs, help encourage people of all ages to enjoy reading, and help individuals to improve and gain literacy skills. Reading and literacy education professionals will work with people of all ages to ensure that they are living up to their full potential and have the skills necessary to work, learn and live their day to day lives.

Degree programs in reading and literacy education will require students to gain skills to be both teachers and academics. Coursework will address traditional issues in education and teaching as well as help students to gain a better understanding of the social and political issues that go hand in hand with literacy programs. Students can expect to take numerous courses in education, social science and communication. Some programs of study will allow students to choose a specialization, though this is usually not required. A majority of students will need to get their teacher licensure and certification in order to pursue careers in this field.

Individuals who would like to go into this field will find that there are a number of undergraduate and graduate level programs available to them. To obtain a bachelor’s degree, students must first have completed their high school diploma or GED program and any additional requirements the college asks. To enter a higher level program, a bachelor’s or master’s degree may be required. Students will have the best luck in this particular field if their build their communication skills and learn to understand and work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Students should also have a good understanding of educational technology, as it can be a great asset when looking for employment.

Graudates of a reading and literacy program will be prepared to work with children within a school setting to help them build their skills and take on newer and more advanced work. Students can also choose to pursue careers that focus more on adult literacy programs in their communities, offered through libraries and community centers. Some students may be able to pursue careers in libraries, building reading programs and encouraging people of all ages to enjoy reading.

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