Secondary Education Degree Programs

Secondary education teachers work with middle and high school students to teach a specialized subject. Many students find this appealing, especially if they are interested in a particular topics and would like to expand their own knowledge and help educate others on the subject. Teachers in this field work to develop lesson plans and curriculum that are designed to meet the needs of older students and possibly prepare them for careers and college after graduation.

Education programs in secondary education will provide students with courses that will teach them how to create lesson plans, manage students in the classroom, and implement many teaching practices. Where secondary education programs part from other education programs is that students choose a subject of interest, whether it’s biology, math, home economics or another subject, and take classes to specialize in that area. Most schools require a minimum amount of hours in the subject of choice in order to be qualified to teach it. Students must also complete the requirements to become certified and licensed to teach within their state which can mean doing student teaching or observations.

Students will need a minimum of a high school diploma or GED to apply to a secondary education program, though some will need additional education if they want to work towards a Master’s degree. Communication and listening skills are highly desirable traits in this field, as teachers will have to work with students from many different backgrounds and abilities and with other faculty and administration members. Organization, creativity, and an even temper are also qualities that can translate well into a major in secondary education.

The majority of students graduating from secondary education programs will go on to work as teachers in middle and high schools. They may choose to teach a range of subjects and can find employment with both public and private institutions. Students with some experience teaching and who have graduated from a Master’s program in secondary education may qualify for positions in administration or management within a school district.

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