To work as a teacher in Colorado, you’ll need to complete a variety of different requirements, including the PLACE assessment, appropriate education, and training. The general requirements are similar for in-state and out-of-state teachers, however, out-of-state teachers have the option to apply for a temporary license that will allow them to teach while they complete the required assessment. All Colorado teachers are issued a Provisional License before being allowed to hold a Professional Teacher License or Master’s Certificate.

Teachers must follow an approved program, including student teaching, an institutional recommendation, and pass the PLACE assessment. Out-of-state and foreign applicants will need to verify that their credentials are adequate for licensure before being granted a Provisional License. All entry level Colorado teachers will be issued a Provisional License, which is valid for three years. There’s also an Alternative Teacher License, which can be used by teachers who have a bachelor’s degree in addition to useful subject matter knowledge. Under this license, teachers will undergo a one year on-the-job teacher preparation program, and then be eligible for a Provisional License.

In the state of Colorado, you’ll find about 186 school districts, the most popular being the Denver Public School District. The largest cities in the state are Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, and Lakewood. There is no central hiring organization in Colorado. Each individual school distract is in charge of its own educational hiring, so you’ll need to contact them directly. Alternatively, you can look for listings on an unaffiliated site, SchoolSpring.

To receive a renewable Professional License and continue to work as a teacher in Colorado, you’ll be required to complete an induction program, which essentially requires that you complete mentor supervision, ongoing professional development, training, and performance evaluations. School principals and districts are the main source of information regarding specific requirements for induction programs. If you hold a certificate from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, the requirement for the induction program is waived. Teachers can also apply for a Master’s Certificate, which adds two years to the Professional Teacher license.

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