Connecticut teachers have a variety of different certification options, but many of them have the same basic requirements. You’ll need to have completed an approved program of education, pass the Praxis I, and the Praxis II Subject-Knowledge Tests where appropriate. Connecticut also offers a program through which prospective teachers can use their professional knowledge to earn a teaching certificate through accelerated study.

The most simple way to become a Connecticut teacher is to complete a state-approved planned program that includes general academic and professional education. However, if you have teaching experience already, you may be eligible for a certificate based on your credentials. If you plan to take this approach, you must document no less than 20 months of full-time teaching experience for the same school. If you possess a bachelor’s degree with an academic major in the subject you wish to teach, you may be eligible for the Alternative Route to Teacher Certification (ARC), which offers an accelerated summer session or a weekend session. With any route you choose, you’ll need to pass the Praxis I skills test, as well as the Praxis II Subject-Knowledge test if you require a tested endorsement.

Connecticut is home to 172 school districts with varying levels of employment. The largest cities in Connecticut are Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, and Stamford. There are no exceptionally large districts, but Hartford county holds the most. You can find teaching jobs for Connecticut schools on CTREAP, a job board for educators.

Teaching licenses in Connecticut are granted in a tiered level structure, with initial, provisional, and professional levels. The initial certification is good for three years, after which you will be required to prove that you’ve completed the BEST assessment and 10 school months of successful teaching. With these credentials, you’ll be issued an eight-year Provisional educator Certificate. This certificate must then be upgraded to a Professional Educator Certificate, which is renewable and valid for five years at a time. To receive a Professional Educator Certificate, you must complete 30 semester hours of credit beyond your bachelor’s degree, or an individual program that is approved by the board of education.

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