Delaware offers licenses to teachers with a variety of different levels and requirements, including initial certification and professional status. There are also a few different ways to acquire a teaching certificate in Delaware, with routes ranging from in-state education to alternative licensure.

For an Initial Certificate, you will need to prove that you have a bachelors degree from a regionally accredited 4 year college or university as well as completion of a student teaching program or one year of teaching experience. Additionally, you’ll be required to pass an examination of general knowledge, most commonly the PRAXIS I, although alternatives may apply, like the California Test of Basic Skills (CTBS). You can also follow the Alternative Routes to Licensure and Certification program, which offers mentoring, education and teaching experience while you’re working as a teacher in Delaware schools. Applicants who are licensed as educators in other jurisdictions may also be awarded an initial certification. Teachers who are applying with foreign credentials will need to obtain an analysis of their degree equivalency to ensure that they have the appropriate education and experience to qualify for Delaware schools. In addition to an Initial License, you’ll need a Standard Certificate in the subject or category that you wish to teach.

You’ll find about 20 different school districts in Delaware, although the Red Clay Consolidated and Christina districts hold the most schools. As a small state, Delaware’s cities are not generally large, however the biggest areas in the state are Wilmington, Dover, Newark, and Pike Creek. Teach Delaware is the definitive resource for finding a Delaware teaching job online, however, you may also contact school districts directly about employment.

Your Initial License will be valid for three years. During the time you’re licensed, you’ll be required to follow a mentoring program as well as at least 90 clock hours of professional development. Each school district has different requirements for ongoing development and education, so you will need to discuss them with your hiring district. Standard and Professional licenses will be granted according to years of service as a teacher with the state of Delaware, as well as ongoing education and professional development.

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