There are a few different options available to people who would like to become a teacher in Florida. You can graduate from a teacher education program in Florida, transfer an out-of-state license, or even change to teaching as a career after you’ve been in the workforce without a teaching degree.

If you have graduated from a Florida state-approved teacher preparation program and passed all three portions of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination, you will qualify for a Professional Florida Educator’s Certificate. If you have not yet completed a state-approved program or passed all three portions of the examination, you may still be able to qualify for a Temporary Certificate, which is valid for three years and will give you time to complete your remaining certification requirements. If you’re an out-of-state graduate of an approved teacher education program, you’ll be able to transfer your certification, provided that your program and training are comparable to Florida’s. Similar standards are used for educators from other countries, who will have to offer educational credentials and may be required to complete remaining certification requirements while teaching under a Temporary Certificate. Additionally, teachers are required to demonstrate mastery of Subject Area Knowledge for a requested subject. Florida also offers an alternative certification program, which offers competency-based, on-the-job training with distance learning and peer support.

Florida is home to some of the largest school districts in the US, making up 14 of the country’s top 100 largest school districts. Miami-Dad County Public Schools is the largest in the state, and the fourth largest in the country. Large cities to teach in include Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, and Saint Petersburg. You can find teaching jobs statewide through Teach in Florida, or just by contacting school districts directly.

When you are hired by a school district, you should speak to them about specific requirements for upgrading your Temporary Certificate to a Professional Certificate, as they are not all the same. To renew your Professional Certificate you will need to complete six semester hours of college credit or an equivalent during the five school years you have your certificate.

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