Idaho is a beautiful place to live and work, and the state offers a wide variety of opportunities for certified teachers. You can choose to complete an Idaho approved certification program, follow a credentials review, or take on an alternative path to certification.

If you’d like to become a teacher in Idaho, you will more than likely choose to follow the state’s traditional path to teaching, which includes receiving a bachelor’s degree or higher and completing a state approved teacher education program. If you are a teacher from another state, you will need to have your credentials verified and evaluated by the state. The state will consider whether or not you have completed an accredited teacher preparation program or not, as well as verify whether or not have you have a valid and comparable teaching certificate or license in another state. Additionally, foreign candidates will need to have their credentials evaluated by an Idaho approved agency. Idaho has alternative routes available, which will generally allow you to be able to take on a teacher preparation program with only a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, the alternative route should enable you to work as a teacher while completing the requirements necessary for becoming a fully qualified teacher in the state. All teachers in Idaho must pass the Praxis test according to state score levels.

Idaho does not have any excessively large school districts in the state, however you will be able to find a large amount of teaching jobs in metropolitan centers like Boise, Nampa, Pocatello, and Idaho Falls. If you’d like to find a teaching job in one of these areas or anywhere else in Idaho, you can visit Idaho Education Jobs, where you’ll find a listing of available positions throughout the state.

As a licensed Idaho teacher, the state will require that you complete a specific amount of professional development hours in order to renew your license. These hours will vary depending on your school district and personal plan, but they are designed to improve your skills and knowledge as a teacher. You will generally be able to complete this requirement by taking college credit or by attending in-services in Idaho.

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