Kentucky offers a number of different ways to become certified for teaching in the state, offering options for candidates trained in Kentucky, outside of the state, in foreign countries, and even through alternative programs.

Prospective teachers following the standard route to certification in Kentucky will need to show proof of all education, including transcripts from their undergraduate and teacher preparation programs. Teachers are also required to pass Praxis II Specialty Area tests for each area of certification desired, and the Principles of Learning and Teaching for the appropriate age range. Out-of-state applicants who have completed two years of teaching in the subject are and grade level desired will not be subject to testing. Foreign teachers will need to verify a bachelor’s degree teacher preparation program that involves student teaching, as well as a teaching area recognized by Kentucky as an area of certification. You must also submit a course-by-course evaluation of your degree from an approved evaluation agency.

You’ll find 174 school districts in the state of Kentucky, the largest being Jefferson County Public Schools, the 28th largest school district in the nation. Some of the larger populations in the state can be found in Lexington, Louisville, Owensboro, and Bowling Green. Kentucky operates a Kentucky Educator Placement Service, which allows prospective teachers to find certified positions in the state.

Your teaching certificate in Kentucky will last for five years, after which you’ll need to show completion of 15 graduate hours or half of CEO requirements. You will also need to provide a signature of the superintendent to verify that you’ve completed three years of teaching, or submit an official transcript of your courses with a recommendation from your college of education official. In your second five-year renewal, you will be required to have completed an approved Master’s degree, an approved Fifth Year program, or CEO requirements, as well as transcripts with a recommendation verifying these or a signature of the superintendent to verify your three years of teaching experience. In subsequent renewals, you’ll need to show proof of three years of classroom teaching (verified by the superintendent by signature) or six semester hours of additional graduate credit.

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