Michigan requires that all of its teachers hold a certificate, permit, or other type of authorization that is appropriate for their teaching assignment. You will generally find that new teachers are issued a Provisional Certificate, which is an initial teaching certificate issued by the state. This certificate is granted to those who have completed certification requirements, which range from traditional teacher programs to alternative ones.

If you wish to become a teacher through Michigan’s traditional program, you will need to complete the necessary educational requirements offered by a Michigan college or university, or an institute of higher learning that offers a Michigan approved teacher education program. You will need to provide a recommendation from your college or university in order to be granted certification in the state. Teachers who have been educated outside of the state of Michigan will need to apply for a credential review, which will highlight any deficiencies that occur between your completed education and the standards of Michigan’s programs. You will be allowed to complete these requirements in order to be granted a certification in Michigan. You may be issued a Temporary Teacher Employment Authorization, which will allow you to teach while you complete your requirements for full authorization to teach in Michigan. This certificate is valid for one year and is not renewable. Every new teacher in Michigan is required to pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification, which include a Basic Skills test and Subject Area tests. Additionally, teachers will need to complete first aid training as well as CPR for both children and adults.

In Michigan, you will find Detroit Public Schools, which is among the largest in the United States. In addition to this school system, you may want to search for employment in the areas of Grand Rapids, Warren, and Flint. You can find teaching jobs in these areas and beyond by visiting MIREAP.

Your Michigan Professional Certificate will be valid for up for six years, after which you will need to complete 10 semester hours of professional development. You are required to complete these hours in a planned program at an approved teacher preparation school. These programs are designed to enrich and refresh your skills as a teacher.

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