Mississippi offers a very flexible route to teaching. With this state, you’ll find options ranging from traditional teacher education to accommodating alternative routes.

To be granted a five year educator license, you’ll need to complete a National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) approved teacher education program and pass specific Praxis exams. Out-of-state teachers can apply for a reciprocity license if they hold a valid license in an area in which Mississippi issues an endorsement. Foreign applicants will follow a similar route, however, you must also have your credentials translated and evaluated by an outside agency. Prospective teachers who have not completed a teacher education program, but hold a bachelor’s degree have the option to apply for a one year alternate route license. This program requires a number of different actions, including passing specific Praxis exams, admission to the MAPQT program or Teach MS Institute Program, securing a teaching position, and completing continuing education while working as a teacher. Mississippi also offers options for alternative routes to a Master of Arts in Teaching and American Board Certification.

Mississippi does not have any exceptionally large school districts, but there are a number of teaching opportunities to be found in cities like Jackson, Gulfport, Biloxi, and Hattiesburg. For help in securing a teaching position, visit the Mississippi Teacher Center, which publishes a monthly vacancy list.

With a five year teaching license, you’ll be required to complete some continuing education in order to renew your license. You can choose between a few different options. The first is to complete ten continuing education units in an area related to teaching. A second option allows for three semester hours and five continuing education units in a job or skill related area. Another allows for six semester hours related to teaching, and yet another allows for completion of the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards process. Renewal of an alternate teaching license will generally require completing your educational requirements to fulfill your original agreement. You’ll also be required to pass specific Praxis exams if you have not already done so.

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