Becoming a teacher in Nevada is a very exciting prospect, as the state is full of opportunities for new teachers. You can become certified in the state by choosing to follow one of a few different routes, which include Initial Teaching Certification and an Alternative Route to Certification.

If you choose to follow Nevada’s Initial Teaching Certification route, you will need to complete a teacher preparation program that is approved by the Nevada Department of Education. This will include both a bachelor’s degree as well as education specific courses. Once you have completed all of the program’s requirements, you will need to have your official transcripts from all courses submitted to the state of Nevada. Additionally, you will need to have a certification officer from the institution where you completed your teacher education program complete the Verification of Teacher Education Program and Competency Testing Form. Nevada does not offer an alternative teacher certification program that will allow you to enter the classroom without prior teaching, however you may be eligible for a Nevada Alternative Teaching certification provided that you are currently enrolled in an alternative certification teaching program, and you only have 6 semester hours to complete before you are through with your program. All teachers must complete and send two fingerprint cards and a Fingerprint Authorization Form so that Nevada may have an FBI and Nevada state background beck performed. Additionally, you will be required to pass Nevada Teacher Competency Tests, which include the Praxis I, and a variety of Praxis II tests.

Nevada’s Clark County School District is one of the largest in the country. The school district is primarily located in the Las Vegas area. Outside of Las Vegas, you should be able to find employment in the communities of Paradise, Reno, and Henderson. The Nevada Department of Education posts jobs for these areas and more.

In Nevada, you will be required to complete professional development hours on a continuing basis to maintain your teacher certification. The specific requirements for hours will vary depending on your certificate and education level, but you can expect to attend approved in-service courses, continuing education units, and other courses approved by Nevada. You can also take on experiences like travel, teaching, and employment.

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