New Mexico

New Mexico is a wonderful place to live and work as a teacher, and you’ll find that the state offers a number of flexible ways for you to become certified. You’ll be able to choose between an approved program, reciprocity, National Board certification, or an alternative licensure program.

New Mexico offers an approved program option in which you’ll need to complete a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university as well as an approved educator preparation program that includes student teaching. You will be required to pass the New Mexico Teacher Assessments for Basic Skills, Teacher Competency, plus a Content Knowledge assessment for your subject matter area. If you’re a teacher from out of state or from another country, you can get a certificate in New Mexico through reciprocity, which is achieved by possessing the same requirements as a teacher in the approved program option, plus proof of a current valid and standard certificate from your state or country, competency in exams, and satisfactory experience working as a teacher. Teacher who possess National Board Certification will be granted certification in New Mexico without further requirements. If you’d like to follow New Mexico’s alternative route to licensure, you will need a bachelor’s degree or higher with a specific number of semester hours in a particular field, passing scores in the New Mexico Teacher Assessments for Basic Skills and Teacher Competency and Content Knowledge Assessments, as well as complete an approved alternative program in New Mexico or with Online Portfolio Alternative Licensure.

In New Mexico, you’ll find one of the country’s largest school districts, Albuquerque Public Schools. This, and many other school districts make up New Mexico’s public school system. Albuquerque is New Mexico’s most popular place to live and work, followed by Las Cruces, Santa Fe, and Rio Rancho. On NMREAP, you can find teaching jobs for these locations and beyond.

New Mexico has specific requirements for renewing your license. You must have completed satisfactory employment as a teacher in the state as well as a Professional Development Dossier. The Professional Development Dossier essentially includes a self-led, in-depth review of your teaching skills.

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