North Carolina

North Carolina offers a fairly simple path to becoming certified as a teacher. Nearly all incoming teachers will first be granted a Standard Professional 1 License, which essentially requires an approved teacher education program, plus additional requirements for out-of-state teachers.

To qualify for a North Carolina Standard Professional 1 Licence, you will need to have completed a state approved teacher education program from a regionally accredited college or university in North Carolina. If you are coming from another state, North Carolina requires that you provide verification that you’ve earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college, completed your state’s approved licensure requirements, and met the federal requirements to be designated as a “Highly Qualified” teacher. The Standard Professional 1 License is good for three years. If you are fully licensed, “Highly Qualified,” and have three or more years of teaching experience in another state, you may be eligible for a Standard Professional 2 License, which is valid for five years. You’ll also be required to meet North Carolina’s standards for PRAXIS testing. National Board certification will suffice as well.

North Carolina has a number of large centers of employment, including Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, and Durham. In North Carolina’s school system, you’ll find 115 Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and almost 100 charter schools. Five of these school districts are among the United States’ 100 largest, the biggest of North Carolina’s being Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Each of these entities is a different employer, so North Carolina does not offer a central point for employment search. However, you will find an informative employment web page that offers a number of links and resources for job-hunting teachers in North Carolina.

To keep your teaching license current in North Carolina, you will need to earn a specific amount of renewal credit in the years that your license is valid. For most teachers, this will be 10 semester hours or 15 units of renewal credit. The coursework that you complete must be directly related to your duties as a teacher in North Carolina, with at least 3 renewal credits toward your academic subject area, including strategies to teach the subject.

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