The Ohio Department Education offers a variety of different routes to take in order to become a certified teacher in the state. You can choose between educator preparation programs in Ohio, alternative certification, and a few other options.

Ohio has specific standards for educators, but they are fairly simple. If you choose to follow a traditional path to certification, you will need to complete an Ohio Educator Preparation Program authorized by the state, plus pass a Praxis II test. If you are a teacher from outside of the state of Ohio, you may be qualified for a certificate based on the state’s interstate agreement. Otherwise, you will need to check with the Ohio Board of Education to find out if your education or any current certificate you possess will be adequate. Teachers with international credentials will be required to contact an outside organization that can perform an evaluation of foreign licensure and coursework. This service will consider your experience and education on a course by course basis. Due to teacher shortages, Ohio offers an Alternative Educator license, which provides a non-traditional route to certification for prospective teachers who hold baccalaureate degrees or higher. You will also need to have completed coursework in a specific area of study. Through this program, you will need to complete professional educator coursework and pass a Praxis II subject area assessment where applicable.

In Ohio, you will find three of the nation’s top 100 largest school districts. These districts are in Columbus and Cleveland, which happen to be the two largest cities in the state, followed by Cincinnati and Toledo. Through Ohio’s Web Based Recruiting System (WBRS), you’ll be able to search for jobs in these communities and around the state.

To renew your two-year provisional license, you’ll need to complete 3 semester hours of coursework to qualify for a renewal. With a five-year license, you will need 6 hours. You can find a number of different professional development programs available to teachers on the Ohio Department of Education website. They include science, literacy, mathematics, and more.

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