Oregon offers many different types of teaching licenses, from Basic Teaching to Expedited Emergency Teaching. Although there are a variety of different options, many of the general rules for receiving a license in Oregon are the same.

To qualify for a basic teaching license, you’ll need to complete an approved teacher education program. Oregon does not appear to distinguish between candidates educated in state and out of state, provided that you’ve met all of the same requirements for education and competency. With a Basic Teaching License, you’ll need to choose an endorsement, which can range from Agriculture Science to Design & Applied Arts. Oregon also offers Initial Teaching Licenses, which are issued to teachers who have completed a teacher education program and become qualified for an endorsement and grade level to teach. “Highly Qualified” teachers with appropriate educational credentials will be issued a Preliminary Teaching License. Oregon offers a No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Alternative Route Teaching License, issued to teachers who have subject-matter competency, but have not completed an approved teacher education program. To get this license, you’ll need to have your hiring school district co-apply with you. In specific situations, Oregon will grant teachers an Emergency Teaching License, which allows you to practice as a teacher even when you do not meet the requirements to hold a basic license. This emergency license will be limited in duration and restricted to specific grade levels and subjects.

In Oregon, you will find the Portland School District, which is one of the largest school districts in the United States. Portland is also Oregon’s largest city, followed by Eugene, Salem, and Gresham. Be sure to check out Teach Oregon for a central database of opportunities in these local areas and beyond.

To renew your teaching license in Oregon, you’ll be required to complete a variety of professional development exercises. For most teachers, this will be 9 quarter hours of preparation through an approved institution. Additionally, you will need to complete successful service as a teacher in Oregon.

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