If you’d like to teach in Pennsylvania, you’ll find that there are many ways to go about obtaining a license to educate. Whether you’re a Pennsylvania graduate, or want to start teaching after you’ve already been in the workforce, there’s a certification option for you.

If you have been educated in Pennsylvania, you will need to verify that you have completed an approved teacher education program through a college or university in the state. Additionally, you’ll need to provide a recommendation from that same institution. To qualify using education from an out of state institution, you will need to submit to an evaluation by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Education. If any deficiencies are found, you will need to complete education to meet Pennsylvania requirements. Additionally, Pennsylvania practices Interstate Certification Agreements, which allow teachers from participating states to receive a certificate in Pennsylvania, provided that they’ve completed the proper educational programs, have recommendations, and other Pennsylvania requirements. Foreign educated teachers may be eligible for teacher certification, provided that your credentials are commensurate with Pennsylvania’s standards. To determine your eligibility, you will need to have a formal evaluation prepared by an approved credential agency. Pennsylvania also offers an Intern Certification program that allows individuals with a minimum of a baccalaureate degree to complete teacher education requirements at an accelerated pace. All teachers will be required to pass the Praxis Series tests for their certification area, as well as a background check.

Pennsylvania boasts one of the nation’s largest school districts, the School District of Philadelphia. You’ll find this school district in the city of Philadelphia, which is the largest in Pennsylvania, followed by Pittsburgh, Allentown, and Erie. Teaching in Pennsylvania Schools (TIPS) offers a convenient way to find teaching jobs in these communities and beyond.

With a teaching certificate in Pennsylvania, you’ll be expected to complete 180 hours of professional development every five years. This development must be related to an area of your assignment or certification, and where required, comply with your school’s entity plan. You can complete the requirement by earning 6 college credits, 6 continuing professional education studies, 180 clock hours of education, and a number of other options.

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