South Carolina

Prospective teachers in South Carolina will need to complete a number of education and testing requirements. You will also need to provide a submission of your fingerprints and a recommendation from the institution where you completed your teacher recommendation.

Although South Carolina offers many paths to certification, the most common option is to complete an approved teacher preparation program in the state. If you have a valid, standard certificate issued by another state or US entity, you may be eligible for a teaching certificate through South Carolina’s reciprocity agreement. You will need to have your credentials evaluated to determine whether or not your education and experience meets South Carolina’s standards. If you possess a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certificate as well as a valid standard out of state certificate, you will receive a South Carolina professional certification in your field. Foreign applicants will need to meet the same requirements as local teachers, as well as complete immigration status paperwork. To determine you eligibility as a foreign educated teacher, you will need to have a detailed, course by course translation and evaluation report performed by an approved agency. South Carolina’s PACE program offers alternative routes to certification, which allows teachers who possess a bachelor’s degree and are currently working in another field to enroll in a series of training seminars, workshops, and graduate courses in order to complete certification. All teachers will be required to submit passing scores for tests, including the Praxis II and Principles of Learning and Teaching for your specific grade level.

South Carolina’s Greenville County School District is the largest in the state, and one of the largest in the United States. You can find many employment opportunities in this school district, as well as those in and around the large population areas of Columbia, Charleston, and North Charleston. Be sure to visit South Carolina’s Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement for assistance in finding a teaching position in the state.

To become recertified in South Caroline, you will need to follow the state’s Renewal Credit Plan, which requires that you earn a minimum of 120 renewal credits within five years. These renewal credits will provide professional development in the form of activities and education.

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