South Dakota

South Dakota sets high standards for its teachers, requiring that you be prepared by an approved program and receive recommendation for certification. Additionally, you’ll need to sign a notarized citizenship statement as well as a verification that you have not been convicted of any crime involving questionable morals.

Traditionally-educated teachers will need to submit official transcripts, as well as a recommendation for certification from your educational institution. If your degree is more than five years old, you will need to submit proof that you have completed at least six semester hours of college credit within the last five years. Out of state teachers will follow the same criteria, including a verification of your years of experience if you’ve previously held a teaching position. Teachers from foreign countries will be required to have a formal translation and evaluation of credentials performed by an approved company. Potential teachers who are currently working in a different career may be eligible for South Dakota’s Alternative Route to Certification Program, which allows you to use your non-teaching bachelor’s degree as a foundation for teacher education. All teachers will be required to complete courses in human relations and South Dakota Indian studies, as well as pass Praxis II content areas and the South Dakota Principles of Learning and Teaching test.

South Dakota has a number of different school districts in the state, including those operated by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. You can generally find employment as a teacher in the large population areas of Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen, and Watertown. South Dakota uses an online teacher placement service run by the Associated School Boards, where you can find available teaching and administrative positions throughout the state.

In South Dakota, teachers are required to complete a specific amount of professional education to renew their teaching certificate. This education must come in the form of 6 credits in an area related to your preparation, with 3 of the 6 as college credit hours. The remaining credits may be additional college credit hours, renewal credits approved by the Department of Education, or Continuing Education Units. South Dakota even offers free online renewal workshops.

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