In order to teach in Tennessee, you’ll be required to obtain a license that allows you to do so. Getting this license is a fairly simple process, with options for Tennessee-educated teachers, out of state applicants, and even alternative routes to teaching.

If you plan to, or have completed a traditional teacher education program in Tennessee, you will need to ensure that you follow an approved program in your area of interest. Once complete, you will be required to submit a recommendation from the Dean of Education and the Certification Office of your college or university. If you have completed an out of state teacher preparation program, or have been employed as a teacher outside of Tennessee, you will be required to verify your experience and submit this verification for equivalency. Applicants from out of the country must submit a course by course equivalency evaluation of your transcripts from a recognized evaluation service, as well as all documentation, including transcripts, of your foreign service as a teacher. Another option is the Alternative License, which is not a full license, but is good for one school year at a time while you complete specific licensure requirements. Additionally, all teachers must take Tennessee’s Praxis Series exams.

Tennessee is home to three of the nation’s 100 largest school districts, with Memphis City Schools, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, and the Knox County School District. These districts are excellent places to start your search for a teaching job. The state’s large population areas of Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga are great places to look as well. To find available positions throughout Tennessee, visit the Tennessee Teacher Employment Resource, which provides teachers and school districts with a place to find and post education positions.

Tennessee teachers must complete a specific amount of ongoing teacher education in order to keep a valid license. For the Tennessee Professional License, this requirement is 90 renewal points for ten years of service. You can earn these renewal points in a variety of ways, including coursework and professional development activities. The main requirement for these renewal points is that they are clearly related to public education or your personal position as a teacher.

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