Utah is a wonderful state to live and work in, and the state is always looking for more qualified teachers. There are a number of different ways that you can become qualified to work as a teacher in Utah, whether you’re a new graduate from a teacher preparation program or becoming a teacher after following a different career.

If you have completed a teacher education program in the state of Utah, your education institution will forward your completed file to the State Office of Education, which will issue your license as rapidly as possible. Teacher applicants from out of state will need to verify that they meet Utah’s requirements for areas of concentration, endorsements, and testing. Where applicable, you will also need to complete a verification of educator experience. Foreign-credentialed teachers will be required to submit an evaluation service report compiled by a foreign credential evaluation service, which will then be evaluated by the Utah State Office of Education. You will also need to provide a verification of teaching experience completed by your previous employer. Prospective teachers who have completed a bachelor’s degree, but lack teacher preparation, can complete an alternative route to teacher licensing through the state. To qualify for this program, you must have a bachelor’s degree with a major directly related to a subject taught in Utah secondary schools. All Utah teachers will be required to complete a fingerprint background check and English language proficiency test as well as receive passing scores on the Praxis II test.

Utah has a number of large school districts in the state, with 4 of them among the top 100 largest school districts in the United States. Utah’s largest school district is the Jordan School District, followed by Granite, Davis, and Alpine. You can find Utah’s largest population areas in the cities of Salt Lake, West Valley, Provo, and Sandy. You can find teaching positions in Utah my contacting individual districts, or by visiting the Teach Utah site.

Once licensed as a teacher in Utah, you will be required to complete a specific amount of professional development every few years. Requirements will vary based on your level of licensure, but most teachers will find that this requirement can be satisfied through school district professional development courses, college credit, and other activities.

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