Wisconsin is a state that’s full of pupils eager to learn, and in need of teachers. You can become licensed as a teacher in Wisconsin by following one of a few different routes to teacher education and training in the state.

Generally, most teachers in Wisconsin will become licensed by following a Wisconsin Approved Educator Preparation Program, which is developed and offered by or collaboratively by an educational institution or an alternative standards-based training and assessment program approved by the state superintendent of Wisconsin. Out of state applicants in Wisconsin will need to provide verification of completing a teacher preparation program at a four-year institution of higher education. This program must meet Wisconsin’s teacher education criteria. If your program is comparable to an approved program in Wisconsin, you will be issued a license. You may also be issued a license if you currently hold a valid teaching license in specific states that Wisconsin has an exchange agreement with. Educators from outside of the United States will be required to complete a credentials assessment from an approved evaluation agency. In special situations, Wisconsin will also issue an Emergency Educator License, which must be requested by a school district for teachers who possess a non-teaching bachelor’s degree, but are not eligible for a teaching license. All Wisconsin teachers will also be required to complete a fingerprint card.

Wisconsin is home to one of the United States’ largest school districts, Milwaukee Public Schools. It is in this school district and other large metropolitan areas like Madison, Green Bay, and Kenosha that you will be most likely to find employment as a teacher. Wisconsin offers a service for printable listings of K-12 education jobs posted to their site. You can also search for jobs on their main job search page.

Once licensed as a teacher in Wisconsin, you will need to create a Professional Development Plan, which is allows you to create your own professional growth. Specific requirements will vary, but you can generally complete this plan by taking advantage of educational opportunities such as college credit and Wisconsin workshops.

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