Arizona teachers can become certified for education in grades PreK-12. Compared to other states, Arizona is a fairly easy place to become certified. You can choose to receive your education in Arizona, or transfer certification and experience from outside of the state. The board of education’s requirements for out of state of certification are low, as they only ask that you prove that you’ve undergone an educational program that is comparable to the state of Arizona’s. For specializations like computer science, art, and foreign language, you’ll need to receive an additional endorsement. Teachers are also subject to Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments (AEPA) in professional and subject knowledge. For safety reasons, applicants to Arizona schools will be required to complete a fingerprint clearance. This requirement is reciprocated in many other states across the US, so you may not have to complete it if you’ve already done it elsewhere.

Teachers who have received their education from state approved preparation programs in Arizona may be eligible for an Institutional recommendation. Others who have been educated outside of Arizona can check to see if they’ll be able to receive a Reciprocal Training Teaching Certificate, provided they have a Bachelor’s degree or higher and a comparable out-of-state teaching certificate from another state in the US. Teachers from foreign countries must submit an equivalency letter from a credential evaluation agency to qualify. Alternatively, teachers can be certified for up to one year with an Emergency Teaching Certification, which is issued when there is an emergency employment situation in he area.

Arizona’s largest cities are Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix, and Tucson. The state has more than 220 different school districts, so there are plenty of places to choose from. However, this makes applying to multiple school districts difficult. If you’d like to apply to more than one school district at once, visit the Arizona Educational Employment Board/School District Job Search.

To renew your teaching certificate, you’ll need to complete 180 clock hours of professional development activities or 12 semester hours of education coursework, or a combination of the two.
These include professional academic courses taught in Arizona public schools, in-service training, professional conferences, and internships.

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